Our Services

OK Wine Shuttle offers the most wineries, the most choice and the most flexibility - all for the lowest wine tour prices in the industry. OKWS is TripAdvisor's #1 ranked south Okanagan wine tour.

OKWS runs a fleet of 14 passenger shuttles running in the south Okanagan from April thru October. OKWS offers a number of services, including:

  1. Hop-on Hop-off (HOHO) Wine Shuttle
  2. Private Wine Tours - ideal for stagettes

Guests always choose where they go. See Routes for a description of our routes and list of wineries.

HOHO Wine Shuttle - see HOHO for a description of our HOHO service.

Private Wine Tours - ideal for stagettes - OKWS offers private wine tours from April thru October. Private tours are completely flexible. You choose when you start, where you go and how long you run. You choose the wineries. You also choose if, when and where you stop for lunch. We provide door to door service.

Private tour fares are $125pp - with a 4 person min - OR flat fee private tour rates are:

  • 6 hours - 14 passenger shuttle - $1,200 flat fee
    - note that if you plan to stop for lunch this requires a 6 hour tour
  • 4 hours - 14 passenger shuttle - $900 flat fee
    - does not allow time to stop for lunch

Note that the number of wineries you see depends entirely on where you go and how long you lunch - generally over 4 hours you will see up to 6 wineries (six 30 minute tastings) - and over 6 hours you will typically see 6 to 8 wineries and have time to stop for lunch.

All prices include taxes but not the cost of lunch.

Tasting Fees - are typically $2 to $5 per person per winery. There are a number of wineries that do not have fees or waive fees for our guests. Fees otherwise charged are typically waived upon the purchase of wine. See Wineries for more information about tasting fees.

OKWS pre-books all of its services. If there are questions or to book a tour email John (owner) at info@okwineshuttle.ca. Payment options will be provided at the time of booking depending on your tour.

Cancellation policy - prepaid tour fares are fully refundable less a $50 admin fee up to 30 days prior to service after which tour fares convert to a credit to be applied toward future service.